3 questions to Bertrand Hugoo, Marketing Green and Ecodesign lead, new president of P.E.P. Association.

After its General Assembly, Bertrand Hugoo was elected president of the P.E.P. Association. A number of priorities have already been set to inaugurate this new mandate...


1) You recently joined the PEP ecopassport® program. What was your point of view on its role in the world of environmental declarations ?

I think PEP ecopassport® has a unique position among environmental profiles operators. This is widely recognized, so we must, now that foundations are built, push this advantage in Europe. The technical quality of our program, its organization, its governannce and its verifying system are great assets.


2) After the successful launches of PCR edition 3 and numeric database, what are new ambitions of the PEP ecopassport® program ?

We will complete the PCR with PSR increasingly adapted to our products and our jobs ; to get close to environmental profiles operators in Europe, for a greater mutual recognition. Lot of things have been initiated and should be completed soon. We also started to get closer to the US organizations, for there, too, a better understanding and recognition of PEP ecopassport®.


3) Does the arrival of new members mean the history of the PEP ecopassport® program ?

Absolutely ! The opening of the third college to other organizations, other than industrials or professional organizations, is a great step forward in order to improve ourselves. For example with verifying organizations or those which own environmental databases we use But this is only the beginning!