Companies, Industrials, Professional associations , ...All of them trust the PEP ecopassport® program and explain why :


The ecodesign : a proactive approachAcome is committed in eco-design since 2006.

It is about a global approach which integrates the Life Cycle Analysis of products, the recyclability rates and the environmental impacts indicators. Launched by the Strategy, Research and Technologies Direction, this approach is spread in the engineering departments of business sectors which take care of the design and the improvement of products. Thus ACOME conceives and industrializes innovative and eco-efficient solutions and components – optimal combination between the costs and the performance – and strengthens his positioning on his markets.

Reduce the environmental impact
The aim of eco-design is to reduce the negative impacts of products on the environment, throughout the life cycle of products, from raw material extraction to recycling or disposal. In the facts, we observe that 80% of the environmental impacts of a product are related to its design and its manufacture.
All information about the products and their environmental impacts are then registered in a document entitled PEP (Product Environmental Profile).

PEP has been made, from the software EIME, over a large part of the ACOME range – all overall activities – in agreement with the recommendations of the standard ISO 14025. They allow to analyze the elements of the product which impact most on the environment and to consider possible improvements. So that a product to be declared eco-designed, it has to present an environmental footprint lower than during its initial design.

Eco-designed products
With the eco-design, ACOME proposes eco-friendly products. The eco-designed products are identified with the ’’eco-designed’’ logo, using a marking directly on the product or on its packaging.
It is about products which have been optimized for example by acting on the manufacturing process, raw materials, paces machines …

PEP ecopassport®: unique in Europe
Created by the Syndicate of French cable builders (SYCABEL) and the main actors of the electric sector and climatic engineering, the association PEP ecopassport® is a French initiative. It has been operational since June 2010. ACOME is one on the founder members of this association. The PEP ecopassport® program supplies a framework of international reference.

A communal and rigorous framework
The association has developed a reference document in compliance with the international standard practice and the standards ISO 14025 and ISO 14040 in order to qualify the environmental performance of products in the objective and simple way.
The specific rules for cable builders were defined by SYCABEL.
The PEP ecopassport® program is intended to reference all PEP issued by companies in these sectors.To make reference to PEP ecopassport® will be for the manufacturers a rigor guarantee and of transparence of information, for markets a loyal and reasoned orientation from the information provided.PEP realized by ACOME are recorded by the PEP ecopassport® program.
Registration is valid for a period of four years and gives the right to affix the logo on the environmental statement, a symbol of rigor.
Every ACOME product having an environmental statement verified compliant is visible on the website of the PEP ecopassport® association  and available on our website by a requisition form, in order to support our customers on the most suitable products to their needs.12 September 2014