New building : Experimentation of « PEBN » repository (environmental performance of new buildings)


To environmental regulation in France

Announced on 1 July at a joint press conference between the french Minister of Environment and Energy and the Minister of Housing and sustainable habitat, an experimentation will be soon launched in the construction industry, in order to test the new standards on the environmental performance of new buildings (PEBN) developed by the two ministries.

This new framework aims to strengthen the energy and environmental performance of new buildings over their entire life cycle, from manufacture of products and equipment, the construction phase, operation of the building and up to the demolition.

The repository will be tested through the deployment of a new label "Energy-Carbon" and the forerunner of future environmental regulations for new buildings to move towards positive energy buildings (BEPOS) and low carbon footprint.

After 1 year of consultation with stakeholders, the Directorate habitat, urban planning and landscape has approved the principles of the future repository on the assessment of the environmental performance of new buildings and different target performance levels.


Required PEP ecopassport®

Specifically on the environmental aspects, the protocol is based on environmental data products and construction equipment through the FDES sheets for materials and PEP ecopassport® sheets (Product Environmental Profile) for electrical equipment and HVAC, which are available on INIES database (French national baseline on environmental and health declarations of products, equipment and services for the evaluation of the performance of works :

).Achieving PEP sheets by industrial sectors of electrical and HVAC makes sure to comply with the regulations on environmental reporting for certain construction products intended for use in building works and will differentiate the equipment concerned in the context of experimentation "energy - carbon" by providing environmental data products that will be used by the players in the building industry (developer and consulting firm).