Companies, Industrials, Professional associations , ...All of them trust the PEP ecopassport® program and explain why :


The environmental profile is now a basic information for our products.

Nexans’ PEP library today covers more than 1,000 product references. Among them, all cable ranges most frequently used in the French building industry, such as U-1000 R2V, H07RN-F, ALSECURE®, EASYFIL®, ENERGYFLEX®, LAN date cables, etc. are listed.  

This ever-growing environmental database is a key asset for Nexans which is thus able to immediately provide qualified information to each customer who ask for it.

Over the past three years, Nexans‘sales and specification teams have continuously presented and explained to all players on the market what the PEP ecopasseport® initiative deals with, and highlighted the relevance of such an approach for actual and upcoming projects.

Nexans thus provided eco-declarations to dozens of French customers: specifiers, wholesalers, national and local installers. Nexans acts as a real partner in very diverse construction projects: office buildings in business district, retirement home, hotel, motorway electrification, housing estate, regional authority equipments, etc.

The environmental ID of a cable now constitutes a “basic” information on our products, in the same way than usual technical characteristics. As a consequence, all our eco-declarations (PEP) are visible on our on-line products catalogue.Family products covered by PEP are also highlighted in our electronic price list ( as well as in our new products reference list given to our customers.

Last but not least, in every communication actions related to a construction project in which Nexans is involved, both internal and external, PEP ecopassport® has become a major argument for differentiation.
12 March 2014