P.E.P. association declares its ambitions

In 2013, the P.E.P. association brings to the international the program « PEP ecopassport® » in supporting a european experimentation grom the PEF method, and contributes to a French experimental standard largely inspired his repository. 

The 20 may 2014, it reaffirms the ambitions of the P.E.P. association with a renewed Steering Committee.The Product Environmental Profiles (PEP) are the real identity cards of electrical, electronic and  HVAC-R products. They bring to the companies who make the approach : 

  • A environmental data certification,
  • An anticipation of future environmental regulations,
  • A valuation of eco-designed products.

A rich year in a livened up context
On the occasion of its General Meeting, the P.E.P. association returned on the projects which were recently born: 

  • The european extension of the program, through its active participation to the PEF project (Product Environmental Footprint),
  • The merger of the French statutory authorities and the DHUP decree which framing the environmental communication, through the standardization of the Products Categories Rules
  • The consolidation of its rules relative to the PEP verification, through the implementation of its Accredited Verifiers Club.

A renewed steering Committee
In order to face these new challenges, Jean-Michel ROSSIGNOL – Legrand – the P.E.P. association chairman since 2013, surrounds with a steering committee which is composed of members from different sensitivities.They will bring all their know-how so that PEP ecopassport® continue to be recognized in France and on the international stage.

Some ambitious projects 
2014 will be characterized by a lot of projects, in order to face new futures prospects :

  • The continuation of the already introduced normalization approach, through the experimental standard XPC-08-100-1,
  • The alignment of the ACV rules with the world of the building, through new Prodcuts Categories Rules (PCR),
  • A digital database to exploit already 1500 PEP already available,