The general meeting of PEP : a positive result

The general meeting of the P.E.P association was held in Paris on April the 6th, 2018. As at every meeting, the discussions were focused on the past year’s results and what’s yet to come. In 2017, the association mainly concentrated its activities on the development of Europeans and International partnerships: the European association EcoPlatform membership with the status of established operator is one example.

This year's assessment is hopeful:

-          P.E.P is proposal force within the PEF initiative,

-          Many communication actions across Europe,

-          Well balanced financial results.

-          Three new accredited verifiers.


Concerning 2018, improvements are already planned:

-          Thinking on the simplified display,

-          Deployment of alliances,

-          Effort on the communication,

-          Groundwork on the new upcoming version of the PCR,

-          Involvement in the transition phase of the PEF.


In order to continue its development, the general meeting has voted favorably to increase the resources of the PEP Association.