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Companies, Industrials, Professional associations , ...All of them trust the PEP ecopassport® program and explain why :

Manasa Rao and Matt Van Duinen, PEP ecopassport® Accredited Verifiers

As one of the leading LCA consulting firms, WAP Sustainability Consulting has performed thousands of LCAs and EPDs for clients around the world. As their client base grew to include international electronics companies, the company's LCA services also had to grow… This is why Manasa Rao and Matt Van Duinen, respectively Sustainability Data Manager and Sustainability Director, naturally turned to PEP ecopassport®. Having become accredited verifiers of the program, we met these attentive and committed actors.

3 questions to Julien Hans, Energy-Environment Director of CSTB

Public establishment serving innovation, the « Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment » is fully committed to meeting the challenges of energy and digital transitions in the construction world. Research and expertise, evaluation, testing, certification and even the dissemination of knowledge: its field of expertise covers construction products, buildings and their integration into the heart of the territories.
With more than 900 employees, its subsidiaries and its networks of national, European and international partners, the CSTB group is at the service of all construction players to improve the quality and the safety of buildings.
Member of PEP ecopassport, CSTB carries out in-depth work on eco-construction through projects designed as a whole. Meeting with Julien Hans, Energy-Environment Director of CSTB.

3 questions to Yves Gregnanin, Leader of the Energy / Environment working group of the « Fédération des Ascenseurs »

A century-old organization, the « Fédération des Ascenseurs » (Federation of Elevators) is part of the transformation and development of the city on a daily basis. Elevators, mechanical devices, freight elevators, vertical mobility plays an essential role in the development of cities.
With 170 member companies, the Federation now represents 90% of the sector. Whether on issues of accessibility, energy or even urban efficiency, the engagement of these companies in the energy transition is efficient. However, innovations and sustainable development solutions are still sorely lacking in visibility.

3 questions to Axel Richard, Head of the Flamme Verte Label.

Created in 2000 at the initiative of the wood heating industry and ADEME and managed by the Renewable Energy Syndicate, Flamme Verte labels all independent wood heating appliances (type inserts, closed fireplaces, wood stoves or pellets, stoves) as well as manual and automatic domestic boilers (with logs, pellets or chips). Now a member of the PEP ecopassport® program, this voluntary certification label strengthens more than ever its commitment to the standardization of these products in the sector. With more than a hundred national and European member brands and 5,000 referenced models, Flamme Verte demonstrates its 20 years investment in an effective environmental policy. Meeting with Axel Richard, in charge of the administrative management of the label.

Dear all, let me wish you a happy new year 2020 !

Above all I wish you to be healthy for yourself, for your loved ones, your families and everything else will follow !

3 questions to Sylvie Bronchain, PEP ecopassport’s® new chief delegate

After a solid background as development supervisor in ecotechnologies and as an account manager in the information system, Sylvie Bronchain holds the position of PEP ecopassport’s® chief delegate since September. Let’s have a closer look at this strategic position with ambitious development prospects for the programme.

Interview with Pierre Morel, one of the initiators of the Act For Green® label

« Somfy decided to launch an eco-conception programme »

Interview with Jean-Michel Rossignol, Environment Manager of the Legrand Group

«The eco-design, the environmental question and the life cycle analysis are part of the culture of the Legrand Company.»

3 questions to Anne Lefranc, sector leader « energy systmes », Building service, ADEME and leader of the LCA project on heating appliances and hot water heater solutions

1) Why the ADEME conducted a study on LCA of heating appliances and hot water heater solutions ?

2) What are the benefits of an LCA study for manufacturers? (and for all other players)

3) What are the main lessons of the study conducted?

Qualification certificate for the verifiers accreditation

PEP ecopassport® program is pleased to announce the signature of the Convention between its association and French authorities, which recognize our capacity to accredite and manage PEP verifiers.

3 questions to Emmanuel ACCHIARDI, Assistant Director of the DHUP.

New president of P.E.P. Association

3 questions to Bertrand Hugoo, Marketing Green and Ecodesign lead, new president of P.E.P. Association.

After its General Assembly, Bertrand Hugoo was elected president of the P.E.P. Association. A number of priorities have already been set to inaugurate this new mandate...

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Nicolas ZEHNDER, environment manager of the Socomec group

"Environmental declarations have taken a strategic position in the company"


The ecodesign : a proactive approachAcome is committed in eco-design since 2006.

It is about a global approach which integrates the Life Cycle Analysis of products, the recyclability rates and the environmental impacts indicators. Launched by the Strategy, Research and Technologies Direction, this approach is spread in the engineering departments of business sectors which take care of the design and the improvement of products. Thus ACOME conceives and industrializes innovative and eco-efficient solutions and components – optimal combination between the costs and the performance – and strengthens his positioning on his markets.

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The proportion of our turnover generated by products covered by PEPs has seen a regular increase.

In the late 1990s, along with Thomson, Alstom, Alcatel, Schneider and IBM, Legrand was a pioneer in implementing the principles of Life Cycle Analysis (LCA).

With assistance from ADEME, these firms created EIME, an LCA tool speaking their "language". From the early 2000s, the group's LCA expert, Hervé Davail, was carrying out Legrand's first LCAs and presenting the approach to those involved in the product design process. 

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The environmental profile is now a basic information for our products.

Nexans’ PEP library today covers more than 1,000 product references. Among them, all cable ranges most frequently used in the French building industry, such as U-1000 R2V, H07RN-F, ALSECURE®, EASYFIL®, ENERGYFLEX®, LAN date cables, etc. are listed.  

This ever-growing environmental database is a key asset for Nexans which is thus able to immediately provide qualified information to each customer who ask for it.

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