Publication of the PCR edition 4 P.E.P. ecopassport: a structured approach for consolidation and anticipation of future developments for years to come.

The result of collegial work carried out for more than a year and a half by a dedicated group made up of experts in life cycle analysis (LCA) of the members of the Association, PEP ecopassport is pleased to announce the launch of its PCR edition 4.

Led by the presidency of COTEC and validated by the panel of the jury of the ad hoc critical review constituted, this ambitious project was endorsed and supported by ADEME.

The main objective given to this edition 4 was to integrate into edition 3 of the PCR, already rich, the new requirements and recommendations of EN 50693: 2019 which concern EEE and those of standard EN 15804 + A2 : 2019 which concern construction products (indicators, module D ...), while integrating the new requirements of the French regulatory texts of RE2020, and taking into account those defined by the European Commission within the framework of the PEF (Product Environmental Footprint).

The application of PCR edition 4 therefore allows manufacturers in the electrical, electronic and HVAC equipment sectors to produce verified environmental declarations, in application of international standards EN 50693: 2019 and EN 15804: 2019 + A2 in the European ILCD + format. EPD from ECOplatform - European association of operators of environmental declaration programs - while integrating key requirements of the European Commission's PEF guide in which the program actively participates.

Many new features are available, including the introduction of the declared unit, the breakdown of module B (use phase), or the inclusion of benefits and costs beyond the product's life cycle (module D). It is now possible to declare the distribution market for the products affected by the PEP.

The PEP sheets thus produced also provide information beyond LCA, in response to the needs of the circular economy and the carbon footprint.

This eagerly awaited edition 4 of the PCR provides EEE industries engaged in eco-design with a robust framework, recognized and adapted to international, European and French requirements. The PSRs that complete the PCR will be gradually updated in order to support this work even better. In addition, the PCR edition 4 could serve as a backbone for future PEFCR production work for EEE.

Webinar "Presentation of the PCR edition 4 by Benjamin Canaguier, Schneider Electric" (In english)