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Memorandum of understanding between ECOPLATFORM and PEP ecopassport®

On the 6th of October 2016, a great step was achieved for the harmonization of Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) in Europe.

In the Solvay library in Brussels, the two associations ECO Platform* and PEP ecopassport® signed a memorandum of understanding that frames a working relationship between the 2 associations. Our objective is to achieve a cooperation between PEP ecopassport® and ECO Platform in the field of Electrical, Electronic and Heating/Ventilation/Air-Conditioning-Refrigeration (HVAC-R) Products.

New building : Experimentation of « PEBN » repository (environmental performance of new buildings) in France


To environmental regulation in France

Announced on 1 July at a joint press conference between the french Minister of Environment and Energy and the Minister of Housing and sustainable habitat, an experimentation will be soon launched in the construction industry, in order to test the new standards on the environmental performance of new buildings (PEBN) developed by the two ministries...

Memorandum of understanding between EPD international AB and PEP ecopassport® programs

PEP ecopassport® program is very pleased  to announce the signature of a Memorandum of Understanding with EPD System AB to develop collaboration between both EPD programs...

3 questions to Florence MONIER, Energy & Environment service leader of FIEEC

1) Who is FIEEC? What is its role?

2) How do you locate the PEP initiative in the current context?

3) What can bring the PEP ecopassport program to your members?

3 questions to Philippe OSSET, CEO of Solinnen and chairman of the critical review panel which has reviewed the PCR.

1) What is the role of a PCR?

2) What is the third part critical review of the PCR ?; and what is your role?

3) What will offer, tomorrow, the new PCR of the PEP ecopassport Program to electric, electronic and HVAC-R industries?

4 questions to Maud JACQUOT, B4Green ConsultingTM founder and director

1) How do you analyse the market evolutions concerning the product environmental declarations ?

2) How to easily answer the multiple requests and with a reliable level of quality?

3) What are the difficulties that can companies face in implementing environmental declarations?

4) Do the PEP ecopassport® leaflets facilitate the environmental approach of products?

4 questions to Julie ORGELET, LCA & Ecodesign Expert and EIME Product Manager at CODDE-Bureau Veritas

1) What use for an LCA software ?

2) What are the advantages of an LCA software for someone who want to perform a PEP ecopassport environmental decleration?

3) Is it possible to ecodesign products with an LCA software?

4) How LCA software are getting adapted to international regulations evolutions in terms of life cycle assessment and environmental declarations?

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4 question to Michele GALATOLA, leader of development and implementation of the EU Environmental Footprint experimentation

Further to the adoption by the European Commission of a recommendation to Member States for making use of European common method PEF (Product Environmental Footprint), a 3 years european experimentation,which targets the development of sectorial references (PCR, Product Category Rules), has been launched. It aims for the harmonization of calculation modes and the communication of environmental impact at the European level.

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P.E.P. association declares its ambitions

In 2013, the P.E.P. association brings to the international the program « PEP ecopassport® » in supporting a european experimentation grom the PEF method, and contributes to a French experimental standard largely inspired his repository. The 20 may 2014, it reaffirms the ambitions of the P.E.P. association with a renewed Steering Committee.The Product Environmental Profiles (PEP) are the real identity cards of electrical, electronic and  HVAC-R products.

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4 questions to Myriam DARDARD, energetic and environmental performance project manager of PROMOTELEC Association

The French label “Promotelec Habitat Neuf” encourages building professionals to appropriate consideration of environmental impacts of construction, through PEPs

1) To whom addresses the new French label “Promotelec Habitat Neuf”, and what is its purpose ?
2) How this French label “Promotelec Habitat Neuf” is represented?
3) Why emphasize on the notion of « environment » in the 2014 version of the repository?
4) Why PEPs provide answers to the Promotelec repository requirements? 

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The PCR of the PEP ecopassport® program becomes a standardised reference

The availability and the quality of environmental information on electrical, electronic and HVAC equipment is becoming an increasingly important factor in instructing authorities' purchasing policies and specifications. The very goal of the PEP ecopassport® programme is to ensure that the environmental declarations provide reliable, transparent, comparable and verified information in compliance with the standard ISO 14025

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