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Implementation of new TRACI verification indicators: an opening on American markets

An appropriate calculation method

As the LCIE manager, a branch of Bureau Veritas, Etienne LEES-PARASSO and his team have been setting up for six months the incorporation of the TRACI indicators (Tool for the Reduction and Assessment of the Chemical and Other Environmental Impacts) within the EIME software, which will be available for environmental declarations via the PEP ecopassport® programme. Indeed, as part of its international development and regarding the agreement on mutual recognition signed with Underwriters Laboratories (UL), the association needed the data, currently calculated according to the European norm EN 15804, to be adapted to the North American market. By 2020, transatlantic declarations will have to respect some requirements: the environmental impact, in particular, will have to be calculated by to TRACI indicators. Internationally recognized the TRACI process is based on several robust scientific data and models from various American agencies (U.S. EPA, U.S. National Acid Precipitation Assessment Program, California Air Resources Board, etc.) and is very much focused on human health ( Ibid.,2009b)

Simplification of the declaration deposit process and commitment

To meet all those needs, the EIME software evolves to include those indicators. This update, operative since late October, makes available a set of environmental data processes suitable to the North American market. It is used to shape more accurately the appliances from North American manufacturers. Even though it is already possible to get a UL certification without TRACI indicators, the process is going to be compulsory within two years. This background work makes it possible to bridge the two continents. It is not anymore needed to make two different declarations: the procedure is simplified. From the same modelling, it is now possible to generate the estimation of the impacts according to the two methods.

An international vision

Comparing to other declaration programmes in Europe or in France with a more restricted approach, the added value of PEP ecopassport® is to adapt to other markets. A lot of its members are international companies. The association wishes to respond to the obvious and legitimate need for openness to the world. The enterprises will thus profit from a transparency on the American market, increasing the range of influence of the declarations and meet the requirements of environmental recognition on other markets.