President's wishes, Xavier Houot

Dear all,

Let me wish you a happy new year 2020 ! Above all I wish you to be healthy for yourself, for your loved ones, your families and everything else will follow !

Long live the proactive production of robust and digital environmental information, the essential foundation of PEP ecopassport®’s growing success!

There is no doubt that our world is looking for trust and quality information. This week in Davos, after a crazy 2019 year where environmental awareness seems to have reached an important milestone (hopefully), the leaders multiply the promises, speaking about « a « carbon neutral » world, and talking a lot about trust and transparency. Go on!

Indeed, 2019 marked a turning point: that of the almost universal recognition of environmental and climatic challenges, but also, in its social dimension, that of an obvious awareness of young and old alike.

In this context, transparency and honesty in communication actions are vital. PEP ecopassport® plays a key role here: it is our responsibility to offer our audiences ever more confidence, clarity, as well as rigour, readability, and certainly of a better aggregation tomorrow for a more simple comparability .

Several advances in PEP ecopassport® in 2019: 
-            The 10 years already of the association, proudly celebrated in May. Thank you all for your involvement!
-            Increased legitimacy in France: PEP ecopassport is an offical partner for French Ministery (« do your FDES ; Do your PEP ») and all the players of the new French environmental regulation, RE2020
-            Official international recognition, illustrated in particular by the appointment of PEP ecopassport® to lead the EEE cluster for the PEF program/ Product Environment Footprint
-            A renewed team with a full year for our new general manager Sylvie Bronchain
-            5 new members who come to consolidate the association and confirm its relevant  positioning :
              . Flamme Verte
              . CAE Group
              . Mitsubishi Electric
              . La Fédération des Ascenseurs
              . Le CSTB.
Welcome to them all!
-           Governance bodies recomposed for a long lasting dynamism :
              . Succession of Skander Hassayoune by Danusa Dembiski as the President of the technical Comittee
              . Succession of Danusa Dembiski by Etienne Lee Perasso as the President of the Accreditied Verifiers Club
              . Succession of Jean-Paul Ouin by Jean-Marie Croué as the treasurer
-           The validation of our internal methods and processes (accredited verifier selection, the production and verification of the PEP’s process and management) both by the French authorities and by ECOplatform (european association of envrionemental program oprators for materials complied with the EN15804)
-           An annual meeting and revitilization of the Verifiers Club in February
Our objective stays intact : impose PEP ecopassport® as a standard for drawing up environmental declarations in electrical, electronic and HVAC equipments!
The whole PEP ecopassport® team joins me in extending our best wishes and thanking you for always being with us.

Xavier Houot