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Eco-design: a policy for business development

When the company was set up in 1986, we identified a need for long-life, low-maintenance luminaires, particularly for use in public spaces and buildings.Since 2006, our quest to prolong the life of the luminaire and its light source, along with our customers’ demands for energy savings, have led us on to life-cycle analysis  (LCA) and to implement a more sophisticated eco-design process so as to reduce the environmental impact of our luminaires.

For luminaires, the life-cycle analysis is predominantly influenced by the usage phase.

Thus our eco-design process makes a priority of improving the luminaire’s luminous efficacy and reducing its energy consumption, through high-performance LED modules and optical systems and intelligent management according to need, through detection and dimming.

The construction and materials for the products are likewise optimized, without sacrificing technical characteristics: we are gradually introducing increasing amounts of recycled materials, and the luminaires are designed to be upgradeable, repairable, and easy to recycle at the very end of their life – in line with our commitment to the principle of a circular economy.

The environmental declarations for our products are produced using the EIME eco-design software, then validated by a certifying laboratory and registered with PEP Ecopassport – of which Sécurlite was one of the founding members.

Putting our environmental policy in place has had a major impact on our company: it has anticipated and accompanied the adaptation of our manufacturing tool. It involved in particular mastering LED and lighting management technologies, in order to have better control over the improvements to our products and their environmental impact.  All our luminaires and their components (LED modules, presence detectors, etc.) are manufactured in-house in our factory in the French département of Sarthe.

All new products are the result of this eco-design policy. We might even say that the policy has had a very positive influence on the way our staff think – they wouldn’t now be able to design products that are not eco-designed. And of course our customers, well aware of the savings and rapid return on investment that eco-designed luminaires have to offer, are particularly satisfied.

The final result is very positive – this strategic policy has made it possible to satisfy the expectations of our customers, in France and abroad, by providing them with the environmental declarations they need and by facilitating the evaluation and improvement of the environmental indicators associated with our luminaires. Not counting the improvement in our company’s image – which has enabled us to more easily attract the human skills and young staff we need.