Companies, Industrials, Professional associations , ...All of them trust the PEP ecopassport® program and explain why :


Somfy is engaged in a eco-design approach of its products.

The PEPecopassport is at the heart of this approach. Making a PEP is primarily perform a Life Cycle Analysis of the product, necessary starting point to identify levers for improvements that will significantly reduce the environmental impact of this product.

The PEP make credible our eco-design approach to our markets. Indeed, the PEP summarizes all product environmental information on all stages of life, and, with common international standards: ISO 14025, 14040, ...

PEP is primarily a single, reliable response to requests from our various clients about environment issues. These demands are increasing particularly through the sustainable buildings market (HQE, BREEAM, LEED, ...).

Currently, SOMFY produce PEP of new innovative products that were developed with our eco-design approach.