After a solid background as development supervisor in ecotechnologies and as an account manager in the information system, Sylvie Bronchain holds the position of PEP ecopassport’s® chief delegate since September. Let’s have a closer look at this strategic position with ambitious development prospects for the programme.

3 questions to Sylvie Bronchain, PEP ecopassport’s® new chief delegate

Implementation of new TRACI verification indicators: an opening on American markets


As part of the Interclima exhibition in Paris, on 5th, 6th and 7th November, Sylvie Bronchain, PEP ecopassport Chief Delegate will speak on the theme "PEP: a must for the 2020 RE. The benefits of the PEP environmental declaration. "

E-mobility is a major stake of the energy and ecological transition and this implies implementing safe and smart charging infrastructures.


May 4, 2018

Six new PSR are now available to provide PEP on different HVAC products as boilers, heat pumps, water heaters, radiators, ventilation and comfort units. They were developed in collaboration with the main manufacturers grouped within Uniclima. Specific provisions have been defined to meet the needs of the French experimentation E + C- for new buildings that prefigure the future Environmental Regulation 2020 called "RE 2020".