As one of the leading LCA consulting firms, WAP Sustainability Consulting has performed thousands of LCAs and EPDs for clients around the world. As their client base grew to include international electronics companies, the company's LCA services also had to grow… This is why Manasa Rao and Matt Van Duinen, respectively Sustainability Data Manager and Sustainability Director, naturally turned to PEP ecopassport®. Having become accredited verifiers of the program, we met these attentive and committed actors.

P.E.P. Association fully supports the transposition of the PSR rules developed by Association PEP into standards at national, European and international level.


You wish to be accredited by the PEP ecopassport® program in order to be able to verify the PEP declarations? Accredited verifiers’ mission is to verify the compliance of the PEP declaration to "Instructions of PEP ecopassport® program" and to the "Product Category Rules of the...

February 20, 2023

Module D Webinar 2023

Webinar Module D in PCR ed4: Benjamin Canaguier, EcoDesign Director of Schneider ELectric and Vice-President of Pep Ecopassport proposed a webinar on the Module D which aims to communicate the positive contribution of a product to a circular economy, by evaluating the net...

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July 2021 marks a major milestone for the PEP Ecopassport program with the eagerly awaited publication of the PCR edition 4!

Taking into account the requirements and recommendations of EN 50693 specific to EEE, of EN 15804 for construction products while integrating those of RE2020 for France and of the European Commission within the framework of the PEF. Have enriched her a lot. The introduction of the declared unit, the breakdown of module B, benefits and charges beyond the product's life cycle (module D) taking into account the distribution market for the products of these PEPs are all new features. of this edition 4. Manufacturers now have a robust, lasting reference framework for carrying out PEPs at international, European and French level. 2 new PSRs, electric and photovoltaic charging stations, will complete the current 17 PSRs of the PEP Ecopassport program technical benchmarks by the end of the year.