Public establishment serving innovation, the « Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment » is fully committed to meeting the challenges of energy and digital transitions in the construction world. Research and expertise, evaluation, testing, certification and even the dissemination of knowledge: its field of expertise covers construction products, buildings and their integration into the heart of the territories.
With more than 900 employees, its subsidiaries and its networks of national, European and international partners, the CSTB group is at the service of all construction players to improve the quality and the safety of buildings.
Member of PEP ecopassport, CSTB carries out in-depth work on eco-construction through projects designed as a whole. Meeting with Julien Hans, Energy-Environment Director of CSTB.

3 questions to Julien Hans, Energy-Environment Director of CSTB

European recognition of PEP association as a permanent member of the Environmental Footprint (EF) sub-group


After almost a year of works by the dedicated Work Group from the Technical Committee of the PEP ecopassport Programme, the revised PCR- edition 4 of the edition 3 is open for public consultation for a period of 15 days, until 20 November.

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You wish to be accredited by the PEP ecopassport® program in order to be able to verify the PEP declarations? Accredited verifiers’ mission is to verify the compliance of the PEP declaration to "Instructions of PEP ecopassport® program" and to the "Product Category Rules of the...


May 4, 2018

Six new PSR are now available to provide PEP on different HVAC products as boilers, heat pumps, water heaters, radiators, ventilation and comfort units. They were developed in collaboration with the main manufacturers grouped within Uniclima. Specific provisions have been defined to meet the needs of the French experimentation E + C- for new buildings that prefigure the future Environmental Regulation 2020 called "RE 2020".