PEP ecopassport® program is pleased to announce the signature of the Convention between its association and French authorities, which recognize our capacity to accredite and manage PEP verifiers.

1 year before the entry into force of the verifiyng requirements, interview of Emmanuel Acchiardi, Assistant Director of the DHUP.

Memorandum of understanding between EPD international AB and PEP ecopassport® programs

PEP ecopassport® program is very pleased  to announce the signature of a Memorandum of Understanding with EPD System AB to develop collaboration between both EPD programs...


The 2015 Barometer of INIES base was presented on 2016/07/01, on the occasion of its annual conference. PEP sheets and FDES are presented as the drivers of environmental transition.


Download here the Barometer (French version)

The 2016 accreditation of verifiers of PEP ecopassport program will take place in Paris, in June, the 27th.

Come join the 20 accredited people empowered by the program in order to verify your PEP declarations!


> Verify a PEP?: click here

> Become an accredited verifier?: cli...


May, the 17 2016

PSR0005 edition 2 on line !

After 3 years of work, the PSR for electrical switchgear and controlgear solutions edition 2 is published. It allows to precise the specific rules for a high diversity of switchgear and controlgear : functional units, reference lifetime, use scenario. It asked to users of this PSR to share the feedback during the coming year, so as to continue the improvement of this document.