Create a PEP

The PEP (Product Environmental Profile) registered under the PEP ecopassport® Program is a type III environmental declaration according to the ISO 14025 standard. It is dedicated to electric, electronic and HVAC-R products.

The PEP provides reliable information about product environmental impact through quantified and multi-criteria environmental data obtained from Life Cycle Assessment calculation.

The PEP ecopassport® Program gives transparent and strict procedures allowing companies willing to register PEP declaration to provide reliable data in compliance with international standards. Rules that should be respected in order to comply with the Program include the Product Category Rules (PCR) of the PEP ecopassport® Program, which have been reviewed by an external panel of recognized LCA experts (CSTB, Bureau Veritas, PWC, French Energy Agency ADEME), and the Editorial Policy.

Those documents give the following information:

  • the Life Cycle Assessment methodology (LCA), allowing the collection and analysis of the environmental data, based on validated scientific background.
  • the editorial policy, allowing the communication of these environmental data through a PEP declaration. The PEP declaration is created and edited on a voluntary basis by a company under its own responsibility.

An independent verification is to be done to ensure its compliance with the requirements of the PEP ecopassport® Program. The LCA report is the basis for the verification of the PEP. It contains the hypothesis and the LCA results.

Should you have any question concerning the PEP creation, please send an email to contact(at)