Verify a PEP

In order to be registered within the ISO 14025 PEP ecopassport® Program, the PEP should be independtly verified to certify its conformity to the requirements prescribed in the reference documents of the Program, namely: 

  • the PEP ecopassport® program Product Category Rules (PCR)
  • the Editorial policy

This verification must be performed by a verifier accredited by the program and independent of the PEP publication process.

The verification must produce two documents that prove the compliance of the PEP: 

  • the Conformity declaration, signed by the accredited and independent verifier
  • the Verification report

A PEP ecopassport® declaration which is compliant to the PEP ecopassport® Program can be easily identifiable thanks to the Verification title block on the PEP. 


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