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Responsibility and quality of data submitted to the PEP ecopassport® database 

The information is provided on a voluntary basis by an issuing entity. This information is the property of the issuing entity that puts them freely available on the PEPecopassport® database. In doing so, it decides whether or not to accept that this information are subject to a provision to third parties as part of a free consultation at the INIES database (http: //www.inies. fr).

If the entity decides to withdraw the information provided, it makes a request to the P.EP® association. The relevant information is in this case removed from the public area. However, they are stored in the database for a maximum period of 5 years to ensure traceability of the database content.

All data marketing project is subject to the prior consent of the data transmitters.

Using the of PEP ecopassport® database

The database contained on the site is the result of information provided by participating companies under their responsibility; the validity of this information is not guaranteed by P.E.P Association

The P.E.P. Association put special emphasis on the content of information and data posted on this site, particularly in terms of relevance and updating. Some of this information may, however, be included as an archive and retain a value as such.

In general, the user retains control of the selection, use and interpretation given to consult. He however commits to use the data of a product from a manufacturer X only if this product corresponds to the one he has in use.

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